Saving SARDA

  • In March 2013, SARDA Cape Town was shocked at the news that the land the Non- Profit Organisation had been leasing from the government since 16 July 1981 had been awarded to a third party in a land claim WITHOUT any prior notification. SARDA Cape Town only became aware of this when they were alerted by a neighbour and a follow-up phone call from a Cape Times reporter on Wednesday, 6 March 2013.
  • SARDA Cape Town was informed that the land on which it operates, Erf 142, had been awarded to the Sadien family for Restitution of Rights in land described as Erf 2247 Constantia, known as Sillery Farm. The land on which SARDA is situated in Brommersvlei Road, Constantia, is made up of 4 erven, the largest of which is Erf 142, extending to approximately 8.9 hectares. Despite the statement in the Cape Times of 08 March 2013 by Mr Vuyani Nkasayi, the Regional spokesperson for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, that SARDA had “been kept in the loop”, no discussion or forewarning was given to SARDA at any stage.
  • To date, SARDA has still no official notification of the change of ownership of the land and of any future plans for it.
  • The SARDA Cape Town’s Management Committee, staff and volunteers are deeply committed to the over 220 disabled adults and children, who receive their free therapeutic horse riding lessons annually. They would like to extend their gratitude to their many supporters who have been in contact with them since this devastating news. They join SARDA in its proud efforts to ensure that it can continue to help the disadvantaged in building a more integrated life within the community.
  • SARDA utilizes the land it operates on for fundraising purposes as well, as the Association does not receive government support.
  • SARDA Cape Town is appealing to all its supporters and interested parties to help maintain this wonderful institution that changes lives for the better through VOCAL and FINANCIAL support. Please visit our HOW CAN I HELP Page to see what you can do to help SAVE SARDA.

 Wise words from a SARDA rider: “when I’m in a wheelchair I am disabled, but on a horse I am free.” It is our intention to ensure that SARDA is able to keep giving our riders FREEDOM.





SARDA’S MISSION STATEMENT: To provide the opportunity of therapeutic and recreational riding to people living with disabilities, who, irrespective of their disability, might benefit from riding in their general health and well being and their social and educational skills.

For more information on SARDA please check out: www.sarda.co.za